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6 Aug

This pic comes from several sources .. we have studied it and believe its real. More Naked Celebs Here!

7 Nov

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4 Nov

Panic At The Disco’ Ryan Ross has urges like we all do. The Las Vegas based band’s singer and songwriter apparently needed some immediate relief recently. The result can be seen after the jump.
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29 Mar

Motley Crue founder and songerwriter Nikki Sixx has a huge image but maybe not the largest power tool Well lets put it another way his fellow Crue drummer Tommy Lee has him way beat! Still Sixx isn’t somebody I would turn away. Check out his heavy metal nudes after the jump. Click Here For More)

6 Jul

Underwear model and Miley Cryus former boyfriend Justin Gaston recently took everything off along with models Giglianne Braga and sexy Ben Elliot for the PETA promotion, If I Could Dream. Hit the jump for a few photos. Click Here For More)

8 Jun

Larry Clark is best known for producing and directing the film K.I.D.S. He also has an accomplished photographic career and I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of his work. Click Here For More)

5 May

I’m not a huge fan of his music but sure enjoy his long, very thick pleasure drill. Apparently the Urban site Media Take-Out posted the photos after the jump. Click Here For More)

5 Mar

Cindy Margolis has a reality show called Seducing Cindy, why … so we can watch the hot straight boys who want to get her. Anyway, one of the shows contestants, did some modeling for Playgirl and we have the photos. btw He is hung like a horse! Click Here For More)

16 Dec

Fox news has reported that actor Kellan Lutz yet another hunky star of the Twilight Saga (see Taylor Lautner) has been signed to Calvin Klien to reproduce the ad campaign that shot Mark Whalberg into outer space.

4 Dec

Emile Hirsch & Zachary Booth
Earlier this year Emile and Zachary were featured in the film Taking Woodstock. From that film comes a few screen caps of the guys naked. See them after the jump. Click Here For More)

1 Dec

Twenty-seven year old Cleveland Indians outfielder Grady Sizemore decided post a few photos of himself during the off season. Its no secret that I and others feel he is one of the hottest players currently in the league. You can judge for yourself. Click Here For More)

5 Sep

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at CK’s most famous and possibly hottest underwear model. Watch Mark show off his Calvin’s after the jump. Click Here For More)

27 Aug

Nick Youngquest
The September issue of Attitude has soccer superstar Nick Youngquest exposed. See another photo after the jump and check your local magazine shop to view the ten page layout. Click Here For More)

29 Jul

Princes Carolines son Prince Pierre was literally caught by a camera stripping out of his wetsuit recently. The prince now sporting short hair also sports a hot body as you will see after the jump. Click Here For More)

22 Jul

On stage Mick Jagger struts his stuff on stage. In the movie Performance he showed his stuff on film. Check out the a photo from the deleted scene and enjoy a clip from the film featuring Mick Jagger singing his song, Memo From Turner. Click Here For More)

19 Jul

Robert Pattinson
Before Robert Pattinson starred in the film Twilight and subsequently became a teen hearthrob he had a smaller role in the film, Little Ashes. I’m not sure what the film is even about but after seeing the photo you can view after the jump I know I want to watch it. Click Here For More)